Property Insurance


In today's world business owners work around the clock to keep ahead of competition, win businesses, handle staff and manage administration. They have little time to think about managing all the risks involved.
This policy offers risk solutions suitable to "All" insurance requirements of most small and medium enterprises:

Industrial All Risks Insurance is a wider cover than traditional “Standard Fire and Special Peril Insurance policy”. It is an all risk policy covering a wide range of perils such as fire and allied perils, burglary, accidental damage, breakdown as well as business interruption.

The policy provides comprehensive coverageagainst unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage to your electronic equipment and data media. The policy covers: Material damage (equipment, e,g, computers, microprocessors, systems software)


Business interruption insurance or Consequential Loss (fire) policy compensates you for lost income if your company has to vacate the premises due to disaster-related damage that is covered under your property insurance policy, such as a fire. It covers the revenue you would have earned, based on your financial records, had the disaster not occurred. The policy also covers operating expenses, like electricity, that continue even though business activities have come to a temporary halt.

Machinery Loss Of Profits (MLOP)MLOP insurance indemnifies the actual loss of gross profit sustained as a result of a business interruption caused by an accident covered undermachinery insurance.

Advertisement and Publicity have become an integral part of business and trading.
Advertisement by way of Neon Sign hoarding occupies a very important place in this respect. However, such signs are located in Public places and are exposed to loss or damage arising out of fire, natural perils, riot or strike, arson and the like due to their location and prominence.
This policy covers Neon Sign against loss or damage due to fire, theft or fortuitous events.

This Policy covers accidental breakage of Neon sign , Glow sign and Hoarding belonging to the Insured and fixed at the Insured's business premises against loss or accidental damage including theft.

Burglary and Housebreaking Insurance policy provides financial compensation against loss or damage to property contained in your premises by acts of Burglary and or Housebreaking.

Burglary and/or Housebreaking Policy covers property contained in your premises, stocks/goods owned by you or held in trust and/or commission. It also covers cash, valuables, securities kept in a locked safe or cash box in locked steel cupboard on specific request.

The policy covers the property against loss/damage by burglary/house breaking. It also covers damage to your premises caused by burglars during burglary or attempts at burglary. The Policy pays actual loss/damage to your insured property caused by burglary/house breaking subject to the limit of Sum Insured. If Sum Insured is not adequate, Policy pays only proportionate loss. There is also a provision in the Policy to cover bulk items on ‘first loss’ basis wherein a percentage of total stock stored can be taken as that exposed to the risk of burglary and housebreaking. The premium is charged on this percentage selected only.

From showrooms, window displays to offices and more – glass is expensive and fragile. It can be shattered by a random act of violence / riots and more. The Plate Glass Insurance covers accidental breakage of glass whilst situated at the Insured's premises from any cause other than those specifically excluded in the Policy.
The policy is ideally suited for all business establishments that have plate glass installed to enhance their visual and aesthetic appeal like showrooms, shopping complexes, restaurants, hotels, theatres, stadiums, offices, etc.
Plate Glass
A cover against accidental breakage of plate glass, fixed to display windows or showcases of commercial establishments

The Consequential Loss (fire) policy covers Loss of Gross Profit and /or increase in cost of working due to reduction in turnover / output due to operation of peril covered in the Standard Fire & Special Perils Policy.

The material damage Policy indemnifies the loss to the property insured due to the operation of insured perils. Even if the coverage is adequate and the claim settled on reinstatement value basis the insured still has other losses which may ruin him. These losses are the loss of business and financial loss as the consequence of operation of the peril and at times are larger than the material damage loss.

The Standard Fire & Special Perils (SFSP) Insurance, designed to cover loss or damage to Buildings, Plant & Machinery, Tools, Instruments and accessories, Furniture, Fixtures and Fittings, Electrical Installations, Stocks in trade including work in progress, etc due to Fire and Act of God perils. This policy is vital for all types of industry and trade groups, offices, service occupancies, households and assets belonging to all sections of the society.