Engineering Insurance


This insurance covers all types of risks involved in the erection of machinery, plant and steel structures of any kind, as well third-party claims in respect of property damage or bodily-injury arising in connection with the execution of an erection project.
Coverage is on an 'all-risks' basis and in particular includes:
Fire, lightning, explosion, aircraft damage
Riot, strike, malicious act
Flood, inundation, storm, cyclone and allied perils
Landslide, subsidence and rockslide
Burglary and theft
Faults in erection
Human errors, negligence.
Short circuiting, arcing, excess voltage
Electrical and mechanical breakdown
Collapse, damage due to foreign objects, impact damages
Any other sudden, unforeseen, accidental damages not explicitly excluded.

Machinery Breakdown policy is an ideal cover for all kinds of plant and machinery, to cover cost of repairs or replacement of damaged parts as a result of unforeseen and sudden physical damages.

The cover affords protection to the insured machinery whilst at work or at rest and also when they are being dismantled for the purpose of cleaning, inspection and overhauling or removal to another position or in the course of their operations or subsequent re?erection, provided these are performed in the same premises.

This is an insurance of contractors’ plant and machinery that is done on an annual basis. It covers unforeseen and sudden physical loss of or damage to the insured items, necessitating their repair or replacement. The cover, which excludes internal breakdown, applies at work, at rest or during maintenance operations and is not limited to a specific construction site.

A construction site is susceptible to all sorts of Accidents. Losses can mount from pilferage, theft, damage, legal claims and more.
As a contractor we understand the need to ensure completion within the deadlines. To this end there is Contractor’s All Risk Insurance policy that covers the risks during construction, comprehensively. It includes physical loss or damage to property, plant, machinery and tools, works brought on to the site and temporary works erected on-site, as well as third party Liability related to work conducted on the site.

In this Industrial era manufacturing units are exposed to Boiler explosion risk within premises.
HDFC’s Boiler and Pressure Plant Insurance covers damage to boilers & pressure plant with damage to surrounding property and Third Party legal liability arising due to explosion and collapse of the boiler/ pressure plant during its normal course of working.