Employee benefits Insurance


Every business trip is an investment for any company. You need to have your employee at your client’s place, understanding their processes, finding solutions and then implementing them together. The perils of this investment can be lost baggage (and passports), personal accidents, even a hospital stay in a strange land and death. It can even amount to an employee being replaced due to an illness or missing a meeting because a delayed trip. Business Travel Insurance guards you against these perils.

Your employees are your greatest asset. To demonstrate that you value them you want to help them and their loved ones in case of misfortune. To cater to this large human pool Insurance companies provides tailor made options to suit your needs. With the Group Personal Accident (GPA) Policy you can offer benefits like accidental death cover, disability cover, children’s education allowance and more.


In our day to day lives, we are exposed to many risks associated either with Accidents or Illnesses. And with the ever increasing costs associated with Hospitalization, it can mean a drain on your precious savings. Not any more. With the Group Mediclaim Policy, you can provide your employees/members the optimum cover they require.
It is a well known fact that an employee values a health insurance cover and its benefits. It is viewed by the employee as the second best thing next to monetary compensation, and gives the employer the added advantage of being able to employ and retain the best in the business.