Claims management

"At Harmony, we recognize that Claims handling is of paramount importance to our clients and we place the highest emphasis on the Claims services we provide. Our Claims department is carefully recruited, well resourced and forms an integral part of our client servicing team. Our Claims Management Services include:
  • Understanding existing processes, philosophies, service needs and challenges in Claims handling
  • Notification of all Claims and Claim circumstances to the appropriate insurers
  • Coordination and guidance in submission of all Claims related documents
  • Coordination of any issues that arise in the settlement of Claim at all stages
  • Management of complex claims
  • Consultation and advice on coverage questions prior to Claim notification and issues likely to arise post Claim notification
  • Assistance in Claim settlement negotiation
  • Maintaining Claim records
  • Producing Claim reports and analysis as required
  • Providing Claims review meetings on regular basis
  • Creating efficient, effective, and pro-active strategies to reduce Claim costs and mitigate exposures"