About Harmony

Harmony Insurance Broking brings unmatched expertise in Risk Analysis, Risk Assessment and Risk Transfer and a broad spectrum of services from Risk Management to Claim Settlement in Non-Life Insurance Space.

Harmony is an established insurance broking and risk management company based in Mumbai. Harmony Insurance Broking Pvt. Ltd. was incorporated on 18th Jan, 2007 by a group of professionals with the objective of acting as Direct Insurance Broker in India. Harmony received its license to act as DIRECT INSURANCE BROKERS (non life) from the Insurance and Regulatory Development Authority of India (IRDAI) in 2010 and has steadily grown since then.

We are a process driven organization and are completely client centric.

We are mainly engaged in providing a complete insurance solution to SMEs and harmonize for risk transfer with appropriate insurance companies. We advise clients on risk management and procure the best possible quotes for the client as per the need, with optimization of risk covers.

At Harmony we understand cost containment is as important as risk management. We work with you to understand your business first, then provide customized and innovative insurance solutions at cost effective terms to help your business succeed and mitigate risk in times of difficulties. We know that our clients want products and services built around their unique needs, provided by professionals with deep expertise in their industries and local markets. We have built a professional services company to achieve this important goal.

Harmony is a customer oriented organization which aspires to meet the highest standards of services expected by its clients. We work to help our clients to safeguard their insurable interests and ensure that client's assets are are adequately protected at all times.

Harmony has built a team of insurance professionals with rich work experience and a panel of experts, which provide insight while assessing an insurance portfolio. They are further supported by requisite infrastructural facilities, highly motivated support staff and modern technology.

Harmony strives to offer its customers a range of strategic yet simple solutions. We possess special expertise in Construction & Property, Fire, Marine, Energy, GMC, GPA, Liability, etc. Our biggest strength is claims servicing where we have an unrivalled record of ensuring 100% valid claims settlement for our clients.


Our Philosophy & Values

  • High Expectations Matter – we desire to work with clients that expect more out of their brokerage relationships.
  • Focus Matters – our dedication for knowing and understanding the marketplace provides unparalleled knowledge to benefit those we serve.
  • Price Matters – our commitment to effective program design provides our clients with better premium rates.
  • Character Matters – we strive to meet the highest possible moral and ethical standards with our clients, carriers, and employees.

Corporate Mission

Creating partnerships. Delivering results.

We desire to create partnerships by aligning our market knowledge with your objectives to protect your most valuable assets. The result is rethinking your expectations of what is possible.

We Have Thoughts Why Harmony?

Harmony is lead by a team of professionals with vast domain experience. We have a deep understanding of businesses, risks, and risk management solutions that we deploy to ensure that clients are comprehensively protected. Our expertise is across all segments, with a 360 degree understanding of Property, Marine, Aviation, Liability, Credit, Fine Art and Employee Benefits insurance. Most importantly, we strike a very fair balance between clients and insurers which has ensured that till date we have an unrivalled 100% valid claims settlement track record.

Other than our list of highly sought after Clientele and our wide ranging expertise, do consider the pros in next slides when a question - "Why Harmony?" arises in your mind.

Private Ownership

Harmony is is majorly owned by the directors of the company, with a strong focus on independence. This obviously means that the company is a hundred per cent fiscally committed and involved in ensuring that all of its clients are completely satisfied with the services rendered.

Flat Management Structure

At Harmony, all our directors are involved with the daily working of the company. The management team is in constant contact with all the clients personally. The end result of this two way communication is perfect symbiosis between the company and its clients, innovation and a sense of partnership is fostered.

Professional Approach

Every Client is important whether small or big. Once we have the client on our books, we part with same level of services that are professional in nature. There is no discrimination or baised attitude while dealing with clients.

Quick Claims Settlement

We have expert team to support clients with proper documentation, technical advice and continuous follow up for claim settlement with insurance cos. and surveyors this results in better Tat’s and enhanced productivity.

Customised Solutions

It is very important to first understand the exact need of customer and accordingly customize the product that will create ease of operations and will prove most effective in the event of claims

Proactive Renewal Management

There is dedicated team who coordinates with client for renewals almost a month in advance. There is no last minute rust and tension for missing the renewal dates, resulting in lapsation of coverage. We deal with each renewal in very systematic manner.

Strong Culture

At Harmony we don’t just believe in retaining talent, but nurturing it. This means that we are an “ Open, focused organisation” that seeks out the best talent, rewards innovation and sets benchmarks for itself, based on the performance of its people.